Queer Soup Night is a Brooklyn-born queer party with soup at its center.

Each event raises money for a community org, highlights the talent of queer chefs, and nourishes our community by gathering in an atmosphere of authentic inclusiveness.

In its third year, QSN communities have spread across the country.



Our mission is to strengthen local queer communities across the country through sharing space, sharing food and contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

We believe that we are strongest when we are joyful and generous, together.

Who We Are

QSN was created in the wake of the 2016 election by chef and cookbook author, Liz Alpern. Soon thereafter, the national leadership crew expanded to include brand and data manager Kathleen Cunningham and media manager Jen Martin. In addition to a large group of volunteers who make the events possible, QSN maintains a national board of advisors including: Chef David Amar, Chef Lukas Volger, Chef DeVonn Francis, Chef Ora Wise, Ray Davidson, Michelle Ben-David, Amy Gall, Elea Crockett, Dez Stavracos, Larissa Sheldon and Risa Lichtmann.

We are YOU, too. And together, we are strengthening the queer resistance.